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London Vodka is a premium brand that captures the hearts and minds of consumers that ‘Love Everything London’.

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The Story Of London Vodka. Visit www.london-vodka.com and get inspired by learning how one man's decision led to the creation of #LondonVodka generations after.
LONDON VODKA TAKES GOLD AT 2014 INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF SPIRITS. Read more at: http://www.london-vodka.com/recent-news/
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We are #LONDONists! Proud to be flying the #UnionJack around the #Globe! #DrinkLikeRoyalty
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#LondonVodka embraces the culture, diversity and vibrancy of modern London and everything that is #quintessentially #British. It is a celebration of vodka that is made in #England and #ProudToBeWearingTheUnionJack.
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#DrinkLikeRoyalty at #JohnnysInSoulard with #LondonVodka.

Johnny's Restaurant and Bar is located in the Historic Soulard Neighborhood on the near Southside of Downtown St. Louis.  It has been family owned and operated by the John Daus family since 1993.  It is one of the most popular restaurants in the city of St. Louis!
by @phenixray @londonvodka now available @TruemansSoulard #drinklikeroyalty @phenixbrands @phenixkala #phenixbrands #LondonVodka
#Queen'sSpeech2014. It is time to #DrinkLikeRoyalty!
#LondonVodka mixed with fresh coconut water with self
Made basil lime. Sorbet as ice ;) Cred: @phenixkala
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05 Aug 2014

London Vodka takes Gold at…

London Takes Gold at America’s Oldest and Most Influential Spirits…

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10 Jul 2014

London Vodka is making waves…

Save the Date – July 16-20, 2014 London Vodka is making…

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25 Jun 2014

London Vodka proudly sponsors Women…

London Vodka proudly sponsors Women in Culinary Leadership Event at…

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26 Mar 2014

London Vodka proudly sponsors St.…

London Vodka proudly sponsors the last chance to see the…

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11 Mar 2014

London Vodka receives a listing…

London Vodka received a new listing with Auchan Group of…

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20 Feb 2014

007 License to Kill Event

The Kill Devil Club and London Vodka are proud to…

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15 Feb 2014

London Vodka on Facebook!

London Vodka is now on Facebook! Make sure to LIKE…

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01 Feb 2014

London Vodka Establishes Permanent Distribution…

Through hard work and strong support by our trusted import…

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07 Dec 2013

London Vodka Expands Distribution to…

The response to London Vodka in the United States of…

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07 Dec 2013

London Vodka on Instagram!

London Vodka is now on Instagram! Make sure to follow…

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19 Nov 2013

London Vodka Expands Distribution to…

London Vodka is expanding its distribution to Missouri USA, later…

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08 Oct 2013

London Vodka in talks with…

London Vodka is in talks with a major Brazilian distributor,…

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01 Oct 2013

Red London Telephone Boxes at…

CORA, a multiple retail chain of hypermarkets in Eastern Europe…

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08 May 2013

From London To Hollywood

London Vodka is now available in the sunny State of…

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08 Apr 2013

London Vodka taking the country…

Thanks to the distribution strength and experience of our Romanian…

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05 Jan 2013

Find London Vodka at Metro…

London Vodka can now be found on shelves of Russian…

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08 Nov 2012

Armenia Advertisement Campaign

Extensive creative marketing campaign is being launched across the capital…

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12 Aug 2012

London Vodka presents its Telephone…

Bringing the identity to life, the award-winning London Vodka is…

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04 Jul 2012

London vodka receives a GOLD…

London vodka receives a GOLD MEDAL at the International Spirits…

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30 Jun 2012

London Vodka at Makro C&C,…

You can now find London Vodka in Makro C&C chain…

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12 Jun 2012

Enjoy British Summer with London…

If you are in England this Summer 2012 and looking…

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